Non-Member Student

Enrollment as a Non-Member Student

UFV’s graduate program statute allows for the admission of non-member students. The application form is the same used for the Master’s Degree, model UFV (download) and the documents required are listed in this form in the field NON-MEMBER STUDENT. The applications of non-member students must be sent directly to DPI’s office.

Check the Disciplines link for a list of disciplines offered prior to submitting your request.

The discipline timetables are available in the link School Registration (Class times – Code Inf6XX).

For the application deadline, check the Graduate Program calendar also available on the School Registration page.  Note: The deadline is usually one month and a few days before classes start.

Important Information

Non-Member Students may be exempt from the disciplines they attend if they are later accepted in the Master’s Degree program. In this case, a maximum of 12 credits may be used and the candidates will only be exempt from disciplines in which they achieved grades A or B.

The positions for this category are limited due to the size of our course.

Each student accepted may be exempt of a maximum of two disciplined per semester.

The disciplines INF600, INF776, INF777, INF778, and INF797 cannot be attended by Non-Member Students.

The Non-Member Student who fails a discipline cannot apply as such in any graduate course at UFV as determined by the Graduate Program statute.


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